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I’m all for marking the days that pass, however I feel a bit sheepish in celebrating eight years of digyourfins given my lackadaisical approach in the last few months, I blame the fact that 2016 hasn’t exactly encouraged positivity so far. Still onwards and upwards eh?

This Is That


Haven’t blogged for an age, which is a shame because doing so makes me a marginally saner human being. So I was cheered on reading a recent blogpost from Russell Davies, to find that I’m not wholly alone: “If I haven’t blogged for a while I get a bit blocked because all the tiny blog size […]

Excuse the grandiose title but I like to note the passing of the years, and today sees dig your fins enter a seventh year.

We Are Six


The blog must be getting old, as I’ve just missed celebrating digyourfins reaching the grand old age of six. You’d have imagined in the intervening years I could have learnt to use my time more wisely, perhaps learning backgammon or rudimentary Spanish, but no. So as I’ve got this far I may as well soldier […]

We Are 5


Once again I’m pleased to celebrate another birthday – yes digyourfins is five today. Please send your cards and gifts to the usual address.

Show Me Magic


As I get older my ability to deal physically with the darker seasons diminishes, (depsite my inherent love of all things autumnal), and this year the incoming gloom seems to have embraced me even prior to the clocks returning to their post summer time positioning. So I’m deeply thankful to the number of people who have […]

Having only been out of the county for a few hours I suppose it’s a little perverse that the first piece of reading I do on our travels into the deepest darkest recess of the Peak District is about Norfolk. To be fair the piece of writing in question is particularly good and has only […]