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A Civic Vision


On Tuesday, Mrs Weir and I spent the day in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, apparently the 21st best place to live in Britain. Whilst there I managed to pick up a copy of a book produced by the City Architect’s Department back in November 1968, about one of my favourite Newcastle buildings, namely the Civic Centre. Sadly on […]

More ephemera for the collection. This time a handsome guide from the Viewing Gallery on the 25th Floor of Shell Centre in London (317 feet above sea level). I don’t know a great deal about the Shell Centre other than that it was one of the tallest buildings in London when it was finished in 1961. […]

Although I often think of myself as a bit of a miserablist (and thanks but there’s no real need to confirm this to me), I’m actually remarkably content. That said from time to time the idiocies of modern life (Mr Albarn and friends were possibly onto something) push me nearer to the ‘grumpy old man’ demographic than is probably […]

Land Ahoy 3/8


Having been at sea for many many hours it was nice to temporarily return to terra firma, and to introduce ourselves to the fine people of Bergen. Sadly it wasn’t a return to entirely dry land as Norway appeared to have been swathed in low cloud and accompanying drizzle. That said, considering the inauspicious weather, it was […]

Many years ago I went to a lecture given by Sir Patrick Moore in an unloved municipal theatre hidden away in a nearby seaside town. To say I was baffled by the evening’s entertainment is understating events just a little – that said it was entertainment of the highest order. Sadly watching someone inordinately brighter […]

Happy New Year


Given that I’ve been a boy of moderately good behaviour over the last year, I was lucky enough to become the proud owner of one of Lego’s architectural sets on Christmas Day. As you’ll have hopefully worked out from the picture above the set in question was the Palace of Westminster’s Clock Tower, which of course […]

Whilst in the wilds of Northumberland I also got to spend a little time admiring one of my favourite buildings in Newcastle. Originally called Swan House*, it now rather sadly goes by the hideous name of 55 Degrees North. Built in the late 1960s and designed by Robert Matthew Johnson-Marshall & Partners (that’s Robert Matthew of […]