In Hindesight


2WS12 Upper Mostyn Street and Great Orme, Llandudno. Photo: E Nägele

“Just a postcard to say all is OK. We think we will enjoy it here. Went to an open air service at Great Orme, all outside the church sitting on gravestones, very interesting, good singing. Don’t know if the money will last, will have to borrow off Frank? Will phone Mrs Grange 8.00pm Wednesday.” 23rd August 1976


Home from a week away in the North of Wales, staying on the fringes of “the finest seaside resort in Western Europe”, highly recommended if you get the chance.

While we were in the land of my fathers (although for accuracy I should point out that my dad was actually born in Kent) I acquired a number of postcards to add to my John Hinde collection, and as a result have spent a number of hours since returning reacquainting myself with those I’ve gathered together so far.

A few years ago I did start scanning and featuring them (as above) over at Wishing I Was Here, but I eventually lost the thread given that others had the archive far more thoroughly in hand, and others still were detailing the “fragments of life in real messages from old postcards” more successfully too.

That said, given how impossibly handsome many of the cards are, I may dig out more to share.


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