What’s Not To Like?


Having recently cancelled my flickr pro account I’ve been slowly working my way back through the years here re-connecting pictures, checking links and generally conducting various overdue housekeeping duties while at the same time reacquainting myself with a whole heap of stuff that has been filed deep away in my failing memory.

One of the reasons I decided to build (ha!) this somewhat fragile, and admittedly thrill free, recess of the internet, was in part due to Anne Ward and her consistently great blog, I Like. According to a Mr Daniel Weir (see below) back in October of 2008, it was one of the “nicest, friendliest and most interesting corners of the internet”.

Sadly Anne’s updates to I Like became more and more infrequent until it just kind of stopped, although to be fair in the meantime she had become Scotland’s answer to William Randolph Hearst over at the Newspaper Club.

However that was then and this is now and the good news is I like is back!

“After drifting away from blogging for a few years, I found I was missing a place to think out loud, and to free the photos from my hard drive. I also miss the community of readers and like-minded people who like the same daft stuff.”

So if you’re want to be part of the industry of human happiness, or are just interested in “daft stuff”, then this is a very good place to start – ilike.org.uk

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