Seaside Snaps


According to this recent piece in The Independent, Hunstanton is the 9th most popular seaside town in 2019.

The cynic in me suggests that the locations listed are probably in reasonable proximity to a Best Western hotel, given that they are responsible for the research, but I’m sure that can’t possibly be the case.

However given that this survey published just over a month earlier by Which? Travel sees the town down in 74th position there’s obviously some room for discussion on its actual merits.

Which is admittedly a circuitous route to introduce this set of photos (real photos mind) of Hunstanton that I recently added to the collection here at Weir HQ. The photos, produced by Jarrold & Sons, appear to have been taken some time between April 17 1870 and January 11 1978, however I can be no more specific than that, given that the former date is when the pier pictured below was opened and the latter is the date it was destroyed by a North Sea storm surge that caused extensive coastal flooding and damage on the east coast of England.

Efforts to rebuild the pier still limp along, however given the problems that other existing piers have it’s unlikely to make a reappearance any time soon.

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