Myth Or Legend


BLOG - Damien Hirst

While Mrs Weir was elsewhere celebrating (somewhat) the beginning of the end of Le Professeur, Mrs Weir Snr. and I travelled the short distance required to see Damien Hirst at Houghton Hall.

Although I wasn’t entirely convinced by what was on offer from the UK’s richest living artist (I’m sure he’ll struggle on regardless), there were some high-points. Myth and Legend, the two sculptures sat directly outside the house, looked particularly good against the brilliant blue sky (although that isn’t always part of the show) and Observe, Identify, Reason, Analyse, Measure, Modify and Reproduce / Space, Time, Form, Matter, Substance, Change and Motion, two pieces of kinetic sculpture found inside the Stone Hall, were entertaining if somewhat reliant on being inspired by the bingo halls of Britain.

The highlight of our visit wasn’t anything by Hirst though, but, as ever, James Turrell’s Skyspace, which is one of the permanent fixtures at Houghton and worth the price of admission on its own.

2 Responses to “Myth Or Legend”

  1. I drive past the signs every day on my commute. Best I have a gander

    • Houghton’s always worth a visit – although plainly Hirst isn’t for everyone (including me largely) because when we went (during our recent early introduction to the summer) I was surprised how few people were there. DWx

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