Eastern Magic


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If you know me over and above a cursory viewing of this blog you’ll hopefully already be well aware of the work of Maxim Griffin.

Maxim, is one of those horribly talented individuals who appears to use the same tools as many others when creating his art, but somehow finishes up with an end result that’s so very much greater that the sum of its parts. Obviously this is largely down to the aforementioned talent, however there’s also some additional magic at work which I don’t begin to understand.

Earlier this year I bought a series of four small paintings from Maxim, however due to the frailties of Her Majesty’s postal service they only arrived this week. Quite where they disappeared to for just over a month is anyone’s guess. The fear that they’d been subsumed by the landscape between Maxim’s address and mine seemed quite likely for a while, however it’s grand to report that unlike King John’s lost treasure the four paintings are very much still with us.

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Maxim’s work can be seen on his website over at maximpetergriffin.co.uk, in his regular column Solvitur ambulando in Lincolnshire Life magazine and is frequently featured over at Caught by the River.

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