Our recent days away in East Anglia’s second best county (sorry Suffolk, it’s a close run thing though) were mostly spent resting and recuperating, however some treasure hunting was permitted.

Amongst the treasure found was a copy of the Official Guide to the Brussels World Exhibition in 1958, a handsome thing full of intricate, coloured maps centering in and around the Atomium – one of the few (safe to say only) buildings depicting “nine iron atoms in the shape of the body-centred cubic unit cell of an iron crystal, magnified 165 billion times”.

I’d assumed that having been born in the 1970s (albeit only just) I’d missed the opportunity to visit one of these events, however according to the ExpoMuseum website (who, in this respect, seem to be the fount of all knowledge) they’re still going strong with the last being held in Astana in Kazakhstan just last year.

Sadly the next one, due in 2020, will be located at the home of “ugly excess” (aka Dubai) – so maybe we’ll make the one after.

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