“The horizon a sliver”


I’m going to stop starting these increasingly rare posts with an apology for their lack of frequency, partly because that presupposes that there is anybody out there sitting patiently waiting, and partly because it wouldn’t really matter if there was.

So, what was intended as an opportunity to reflect on the weeks that were, has now passed that point by some mark.

For what it’s worth said reflection seems to suggest that once again I have spent much of my time staring out to the horizon, an obsession resulting from living in a land where not much interrupts the line that separates the sky from the earth.


Look, a mirage, like a round rim, a strange
Wizard’s masterpiece about us:
An old line that’s not there,
A boundary that never ends.

David Emrys James

(with a hat-tip to Maxim Griffin for the poem)


2 Responses to ““The horizon a sliver””

  1. Keep looking out there though

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