A Civic Vision


Blog - Civic Centre#2

On Tuesday, Mrs Weir and I spent the day in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, apparently the 21st best place to live in Britain.

Whilst there I managed to pick up a copy of a book produced by the City Architect’s Department back in November 1968, about one of my favourite Newcastle buildings, namely the Civic Centre.

Sadly on the very same day we were visiting news filtered through that the City Council have plans for it, plans that the Twentieth Century Society object to in the “strongest possible terms”, believing they would cause “substantial harm” to what it describes as “one of the most important pieces of post-war civic architecture in the country”.

The fact that the plans proposed by the Council include “the construction of meeting pods and a café” perhaps tells you all you need to know about those responsible for looking after this building. As Adrian Jones (aka @jonestheplanner) says over on his blog “the Civic Centre reminds us of the sort of civic vision and initiative that cities like Newcastle used to have”.

Sadly it looks like some people need reminding of that more than others.

Blog - Civic Centre#3

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