Of The Grid


Although it’s true to say that the world wide web is home to all sorts of dullards and blowhards, it’s equally true that if you’re prepared to put the effort into seeking them out, there are more than enough individuals whose company is worth keeping.

Mr Richard Weston, who you may or may not know as @acejet170, is a man located firmly in the latter group, and is responsible for the very handsome piece of work pictured above.

An example of the Marber Grid in the wild.

Hopefully some of you will recognise it as a homage to Romek Marber’s famous grid, designed for his work with Penguin in the early 1960s, however if not now’s the time for you to investigate further.

Before you disappear off though, I have good news for those of you thinking that one of these wonderfully intriguing pieces of art, celebrating Poland’s finest, would suit your unfeasibly fashionable homestead, as Mr Weston is making them to order – and this is where to stake your claim. It’s also where you’ll find Richard’s blog, which to be honest you should probably be reading instead of this.

Bravo Mr A Jet170 – and thank you.

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