I Am (Still) Invincible



I wrote the blogpost below over five years ago.

And since then I’ve become considerably less convinced that I am in fact invincible.

Despite the encouraging words of the estimable Mrs Weir, whose positivity should probably be made available on the National Health, I sometimes find my enthusiasm for what life has to offer less than impressive for someone born into such a comfortable situation.

So it’s good in some respects to re-read what I’ve previously written years later as it allows me, if nothing else, to realise that I’m not in fact wallowing in some kind of self inflicted fug but am just experiencing the ebb and flow of my normal self. That’s perhaps not an ideal situation, but the older I get the more I realise it’s a situation, and that’s fine too.

Anyways I still love this song despite it’s frailties, and should probably have it played to me every morning in an attempt to jump-start my serotonin, because quite frankly what other options are there?

I’ve no idea who this song is by. I think I took it from the band’s MySpace page, which shows how long it’s been knocking about on my hard drive for, because I haven’t investigated a band through the hideous hallways of Mr Murdoch’s least propitious investment for some time now. Anyone any ideas?

The reason it’s here is because I love it and I think you should too – it’s wildly unassuming and not hugely well recorded, but I think it’s just grand. It came to mind particularly after reading Miranda Sawyer’s quite bleak but additionally quite life affirming (which is a difficult balancing act to achieve) piece in Sunday’s Observer about “the quiet desperation of a midlife crisis”, because although plainly I’m not invincible sometimes it pays to think positively.

And for those of you interested no I’m not, well I don’t think I am, although given that I’ve been in a self induced crisis since before I can remember it’s a little difficult to tell.

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