Very Flat, Norfolk.


Noel Coward’s assertion that the county I call home is “very flat” is a little unfair (locals would suggest that ‘undulating’ is a more accurate description). However if you study the maps where Norfolk heads towards Lincolnshire it is reasonable to say that contour lines are an infrequent occurrence .

Sadly as a result of this the flatlands never seem to get a particularly good press, which is a shame because despite there being a lack of geographical features it’s occasionally a spectacular place to spend time in.

3 Responses to “Very Flat, Norfolk.”

  1. Quite the David Bailey.

    When asked at the interview our hitherto mutual employer held to recruit me, how I found Norfolk, I reached a crossroads. One the one hand there was the geographic answer…straight down after Lincolnshire. However, looking to display my wider knowledge, I replied…flat.

    History is the rest.

    I see both my answers remain intact many years later.


  2. It is a strangely beautiful landscape, especially along that stretch at Ongar Hill. I took some similar shots of the giant hogweed recently – its like the day of the triffids out there!

    • Apologies, only just noticed your reply :/ strangely beautiful it is indeed, and sadly wildly underrated. Keep meaning to get back out there on one of these foggy mornings but haven’t succeeded yet. DWx

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