I Was A Teenage Stamp Collector


Continuing on the Agatha Christie theme.

Whilst we were away a new set of Christie themed stamps arrived from the Royal Mail, celebrating the centenary of the writing of her first detective story, The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

As well as being beautifully illustrated and designed (by Neil Webb and Jim Sutherland of Studio Sutherl&), the stamps also come with a number of clues that help identify the murderer hidden in the artwork. 

Some of the stamps, including the one above, require magnification that’s beyond my somewhat tired eyes to fully appreciate their joy (the design of the stamp apparently appears in its entirety on the bottle of poison on the table). However an ever neater trick is deployed on the stamp for the Murder on the Orient Express (as below), as it comes with an area of thermochromic ink that when activated results in the disappearance of a curtain to reveal the killer waiting patiently for their victim. 

That such care and effort is made with an ordinary and often ignored everyday item always impresses me, and whilst the world of philately is not likely to become my second home I wholly approve of an occasional visit.


And after:

(For reference (bit of a theme this) the title of this blogpost comes from I’ve Had It With Blondes by Cud, which itself features on their album When In Rome Kill Me.)

4 Responses to “I Was A Teenage Stamp Collector”

  1. 1 KDGO

    Sir, I very much liked your piece on Ms Christie and the celebratory stamps – the title to which (‘I used to be a stamp collector’) felt like an unpublished Smith’s B side awaiting discovery.

    Glad you and Mrs(?) W enjoyed Devon so much. We find it rather nice too – an ideal place for a wedding we thought.


    • Well look who it is 🙂

      If nothing else my largely ignored ramblings out here in the internet’s flatlands has meant there’s somewhere you can stop by and say hello. And it’s very good indeed to hear from you.

      Given the question mark it appears that my (fairly recent) postcard didn’t make it to you. I’ve written a couple of times without success, which may mean you’ve moved or you just didn’t want to break cover. A more internet shy couple I don’t think exist, although I’m glad I didn’t cancel my subscription to HMRC’s Annual Report 🙂

      Mr Weir is indeed now a married man. And Mrs Weir is a married woman. It pays to road test a relationship, and twenty years seemed a sufficient period of time.

      Expect an email at some point very soon – although am wondering whether aol.com still exist.

      Genuinely lovely to hear from you – and as a miserable bastard that’s quite the plaudit. DWx

      • Well, sir – I’m trawling through your blogette and can’t seem to see the reply I wrote forthwith after receiving yours herein.

        As such I shall re-submit.

        Nuptial details required;

        When/where/pictures/going away destination etc

        It will give you a chance to experience AOL…a throwback to the early days of the FaceTime era…

      • Neither can I so I’m glad you’ve returned to replace the missing contribution. I did promise to email but the life of an international concert pianist is a busy one, I will persevere in raising that promise higher up the list. However in the mean time:

        when= Saturday June 4th 2016 at 3pm (20 years and 4 days into our ongoing relationship),

        where= the Titchwell Manor Hotel, out on the (impossibly exotic – and more importantly, exceedingly close) North Norfolk coast,

        pictures= yes some (albeit only about three random snaps taken by a passing stranger),

        going away destination= 2 1⁄2 miles off the M40,


        guests= totalled nine humans and one dog (breed non-specific), none of the nine humans knew they had been invited to a wedding until they arrived (the dog was also unaware before, during and after the event),

        rings= made by whichever corporate conglomerate is responsible for the Haribo brand,

        readings= “I Rely On You” by Mr Hovis Presley (read by Mr D Weir),

        names= exactly as they were before the event.

        I’d be being inordinately short-sighted to suggest it was the best day of my (and my wife’s) life, but I’d imagine we’d definitely put it up in the top 75. DWx

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