Three Feet High And Rising


BLOG - Flood Action #a

Living on the edge of the flatlands does occasionally present Mrs Weir and I with problems we can do little about.

One of those problems is the possibility of being introduced to a life aquatic. Normally it’s an unlikely prospect however a low pressure system, high tides and strong northerly winds does if nothing else make the idea a newsworthy one for the next few days.

Thankfully the threat of flooding in my home town has diminished somewhat on the back of an increase in flood protection measures, however those looking further into the future suggest that at some point relatively soon our capacity for defences are unlikely to match that of the attack.

With this being the case the piece of ephemera pictured here is perhaps as much of a indicator of the future than it is the past. Produced in March 1953, following flooding that left 307 people dead, the booklet opens with a slightly ominous list of dates “1376 – 1883 – 1947 – 1953 – ?” in order to ensure that the text that follows is fully understood – “We all sincerely hope that such a catastrophe will not happen again, but we must be prepared.”

As well as maps of the affected areas the booklet contains instructions for those “whose duty it will be to take such immediate action as will lessen the risk of loss of life”, and those instructions are bleak, matter of fact and very much of their time.

BLOG - Flood Action #b

Obviously the hope is that tonight is not the night that the land is reclaimed by the incoming seas, however if it is the last point in the booklet reminds us – “DON’T lose your self control – a COOL HEAD with prevent COLD FEET”, which I’m sure you’ll agree is sound advice whatever the weather.

BLOG - Flood Action #c

One Response to “Three Feet High And Rising”

  1. Really quite sinister. An excellent find though. May God bless KL and all who sail in her.

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