Treasure Trove


I was enormously pleased to hear that The Detectorists was going to make a return just after the first series finished, and the first episode of the second confirmed that I was right to be pleased.

Returning in very good health it continues where it left off (albeit with the passing of a certain amount of time) with the action (and I use the term advisedly) moving along at a very gentle pace through the enormously handsome Suffolk countryside.

To be honest I probably fit almost perfectly into the target audience of The Dectectorists (although plainly this has been written from the heart as much as the head), a point driven home further in this interview Mackenzie Crook did with The Guardian recently, in which he slowly realises that the programme was probably written for his dad as a way of saying ‘Sorry for not being interested in coins when I was younger’.

Sadly I don’t have the talent Mackenzie plainly has so in turn I wasn’t able to write such an eloquent apology for my dad, the hope is that he was able to trade off my younger disinterest against my increasing curiosity in his latter years.

[UPDATE: The completists amongst you might be interested in this tweet from Jamie Cairney, one of the people responsible for how handsome The Detectorists looks, which shows a behind the scenes view of the filming of the shot above of Oldham church. And whilst I’m here I should also point you in the direction of this wonderfully written blogpost from Peter Ross in which he fears (thankfully unfounded) the arrival of the new series, “Not because the first was bad. Quite the opposite. More in the spirit that it would be wrong to add even a single further note to The Lark Ascending.”]

2 Responses to “Treasure Trove”

  1. it was your lovely piece on the first series that got me watching and i’m as grateful anything. ta mister

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