Beautiful And Strange


As someone who finds the English motorway system beautiful, if not strange, I was more than happy to pick up a new addition to the Travel section of the steadily increasing library here at Weir HQ. Motorways – As-you-go Maps and Pictures, originally yours for just 75p, is a heavily illustrated introduction to the motorways throughout Britain, although whether it was originally intended for children or adults is unclear given the mix of illustrations sat above technical details of the roads in question. That said whoever its original audience was I’m more than happy to give a new home.

Forton Service Area: At Forton Service Area, south of Lancaster on the M6, there is an 80 feet high observation restaurant tower, from which an extensive view can be had of Morecombe (sic) Bay and the Lakeland Hills. The provision of such facilities allows long-distance motorists to rest their eyes and minds as well as their bodies.”

Corley Service Area: The coming of the motorways brought into being a new kind of road station, the Service Area. Service Areas provide not only fuel and servicing facilities for vehicles, but also refreshments for travellers. Service stations also act to some extant as central points for police, fire, ambulance and other emergency services, but they do bit us usually provide facilities for overnight accommodation.”

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