Goober Patrol


Earlier this week I got to see The Goob (over at The Luxe in Wisbech which itself comes highly recommended).

I’d been meaning to see it since I first heard about it, initially for no other reason than that it was filmed in and around the flatlands of Norfolk that I call home. Thankfully the use of the local landscape was just one of a number of elements that made for a great film. Elements that included the largely terrifying Lowestoft raised Sean Harris – who apparently stayed in character throughout filming (which must have made for an interesting working environment), newcomer Liam Walpole – picked up through a chance encounter outside USA Chicken in his home town of Dereham and described by Director Guy Myhill as looking like “a cross between Bowie and Spock” and cinematographer Simon Tindall whose photography of a story where the landscape is a character in itself helped detail the claustrophobia found in such wide open spaces.

After the film Director Guy Myhill and Martin ‘Fergie’ Ferguson (some time Norwich builder and now part-time actor) arrived to answer questions from the audience, explaining amongst other things the process of how the film came to be made and the desire for it to remain authentic to the area, resulting in many of cast and crew being locally based – something that’s particularly evident with the success of the Norfolk accents.

Sadly because of the relatively limited release you’ll have to actively seek The Goob out – but given that it’s a very fine film it’ll at least be a search that’s worth the effort.

(I should also mention the grand soundtrack of sparse electronica from Norwich’s very own Luke Abbot, available as an LP – Music For A Flat Landscape, a copy of which should find itself in the archive here at Weir HQ some time soon.)


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