And The Winner Is


BLOG - Certificate#1

Still maintaining the theme, for a while at least.

I’ve been sorting through papers (and photographs – see over the last few weeks and came across a number of certificates my dad had gained through various efforts in his earlier years. Like the photographs they seem impossibly personal, holding a much greater significance than their appearance suggests, and as a result will no doubt reside for many years to come in the vault here at Weir HQ.

Given their age they are a deal more exotic than the same available to those willing to apply themselves today, the one above in particular appears both the height of modernity and at the same time from an age long since passed – it’s actually from 1967, when he attended a course in the programming language Fortran, which he was always pained to point out was of very little use to him subsequently.

[For reference the top image is the previously mentioned award from the inauspiciously named Stafford House Computer Courses Ltd, the four smaller images (starting top right and working clockwise) are a certificate from The College of Preceptors (no idea) for success in Geography and Arithmetic, a Brooke Bond National Travel Scholarships and Educational Award celebrating First Prize in Art, then comes something from the more soberly sounding Pitman Examinations Institute awarding my dad a pass in Elementary English and finally a certificate from The Hotel and Catering Institute indicating his success in the Institute’s ‘Intermediate Examination in Waiting’.]

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