Signs Of The Times



It’s probably not everyone who’s on the search for publications produced by Her Majesty’s Stationery Office for the Ministry of Transport (Scottish Development Department) on ‘Informatory Signs for use on all-purpose Roads’, which to be honest is just as well, as otherwise I wouldn’t have picked up a copy for next to nothing last week on a popular auction based website. To be honest I wasn’t actually aware of this specific pamphlet from 1964, however having seen Mr Phil Baines mention that he’d been able to secure a copy of it it rapidly became something that I was keen to add to the Weir collection.

Dating from just after the final report from the Traffic Signs Committee in 1963 this appears to be an interim document, a fabulously detailed one mind, dealing with “all directional signs and with other signs which give road users information of use and interest on all-purpose roads”. And as a (temporary) style guide it’s a delight, being both fabulously detailed – “The sign should be used sparingly. In urban areas it will be seldom required: in rural areas it can be used to indicate the distance to the nearest telephone where the telephone itself is in an inconspicuous position and would not normally be seen by road users.” – and beautifully illustrated.

Perhaps not everyone’s ideal Christmas gift but it works for me.


2 Responses to “Signs Of The Times”

  1. Oh gosh, now I’m hugely jealous. I wish I could funnel my love for directional road signs into something practical.

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