It’s Nice Up North


I have an enormous amount to thank Anne Ward for.

After all if it wasn’t for her (and it must be said, her Newspaper Club colleague Mr Russell Davies) I probably wouldn’t be writing here. That may seem largely insignificant (and yes I know what that sounds like but I’m not digging for compliments, or laying the blame elsewhere, I’m just being realistic) but through the process of looking outwards rather than inwards (which is my factory setting) I’ve been a lot saner than I would have been otherwise and in addition (and it’s a big addition) I’ve been introduced to a world of wonderful things which otherwise would have passed me by.

I wrote the text above a while ago when Anne’s first book, Nothing To See Here, was published, but it bears repeating so I thought a little recycling wouldn’t go amiss – especially given that Anne’s second book, Northern Delights, has joined her first on the shelves of discerning bookshops across the land.

And the good news is that it’s as delightful (pun slightly intended) as the first.

Nothing To See Here was a guide to the hidden joys of Scotland and whilst Mrs Weir and I aren’t averse to visiting our friends over the border we sadly don’t get there as often as we’d like, so the fact that the second book sees our guide travelling further south is good news all round. In fact it’s particularly good to see that we’ve already ticked off a number of recommended locations for “lovers of the unusual” including Another Place in Crosby, Barter Books in Alnwick, the Couple in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Fortron Services on the M6 and Grainger Market in Newcastle Upon Tyne – but it’s even better that there are plenty more places still to be visited.

I suggested previously that you should invest in a copy of Anne’s book to help direct you to some of the many hidden joys of Scotland, if you haven’t got around to doing so do it now – and while you’re at it buy a copy of this one too.

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