Looking At The Big Sky


When the late great John Peel finally made an appearance in Who’s Who, one of his interests was noted as “staring out of the window”. For as long as I can remember I’ve shared this particular recreation and to be honest I’m always a little suspicious of those who don’t.

So whilst investigating the work of photographer Brian David Stevens, in particular his wonderful Brighter Later series, I was struck by the accompanying text in which he references W.G. Seabald’s book ‘The Rings of Saturn’, where the author writes of the sea anglers in Lowestoft:

“I do not believe that these men sit by the sea all day and all night so as not to miss the flounder rise or the cod come in to shallower waters, as they claim. They just want to be in a place where they have the world behind them, and before them nothing but emptiness.”

So in future rather than making clumsy attempts to explain why I’m happily staring out into space I shall attempt a more poetic response and tell people that I’m enjoying being “in a place where I have the world behind me, and before me nothing but emptiness”.

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