Pining 1/8


“Are you trying to tell me,” said Arthur, slowly and with control, “that you originally… made the Earth?”

“Oh yes,” said Slartibartfast. “Did you ever go to a place – I think it was called Norway!”

“No,” said Arthur, “no, I didn’t.”

“Pity,” said Slartibartfasrt, “that was one of mine. Won an award you know. Lovely crinkly edges. I was most upset to hear about its destruction.”

A week ago today saw Mrs Weir and I arrive home after spending seven days viewing the tremendous work of the aforementioned Slartibartfast. A week previous to that we’d spent a largely rewarding morning in the city of Southampton (see elsewhere at some point) and then had boarded a ship of quite frankly comic proportions to traverse the high seas.

Following on our successful boat based escapades from the year before to Inner Farne and then the Isle of Wight we thought we were ready to extend our reach, somewhat dramatically, to Bergen, Norway (initially), just over 729 nautical miles from the point of departure.

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