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As someone who’s previously confessed to a deal of ambivalence about the joys of travel, it’s perhaps a little contrary of me to now admit to an unhealthy interest in the theory of wandering the world via the medium of maps. In particular maps, like my good self, that are slowly drifting out of use and relevance with age.

So a Friday lunchtime trip to a much visited local charity shop was deemed a great success, by some at Weir HQ if not all, with several fine additions to the collection – including a number of European Esso Touring Service maps, featuring the ever cheerful Esso Oil Drop Man below, and a beautifully illustrated Europa touring map from Shell above.

[NB: If European road maps of a certain vintage are as alluring to you as they are me then I should point you in the direction of Petrol Maps – Mapping the history of oil company road maps in Europe – an enormously thorough website looked after by a Mr Ian Byrne, a man one assumes who rarely gets lost.]

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