Bicycling At High Gear



It seems an awful long time ago now that Mrs Weir and I ventured in the eastern end of London to attend the world’s foremost sporting competition, so it was good to return along with Mr Weir Snr to the first major event at the Lee Valley VeloPark – which only months before was the London Olympic Velodrome.

The event in question was the London round of the elite track cycling Revolution Series which saw a whole host of top riders (ie some that even I’d heard of) in action including Laura Trott, Jason Kenny, Lizzie Armistead, Ed Clancy, Francois Pervis and the tremendously named Quentin Lafarge.

Despite Mr Weir Snr’s fondness for the world of the bicycle my knowledge of two wheeled track based escapades was a deal less extensive than I thought. The Madison in particular was largely new to me although I can say that I became a fan almost immediately. The programme for the evening explained that “of all the track cycling disciplines, it is the most colourful, chaotic and bewildering to the uninitiated” and as someone firmly in the uninitiated camp I can concur that it was all of those things and more. Two hundred laps of this colourful chaos unfolded gradually over an hour making almost as little sense at the end than it did at the start but suffering not one bit as a spectacle because of this.

Remarkably, given the speed and chaos that had occurred on the track throughout the event, the evening was heading towards a collision free one, until at the very last moment of the very last race – the elimination round of the women’s Omnium – Dani King and Katie Archibald came together and crashed in spectacular fashion to leave Laura Trott to coast to her third victory of the evening.

Hopefully we’ll get back there some time soon, if you’ve not been I can’t recommend it enough.

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