The Sound Of The City


It’s been many years since I’ve bought any records that I thought I should buy in favour of those that I actually want to, and the latest LP to join the limited, but select, collection at Weir HQ is no exception to that.

These Are The Good Times is a new album produced by the fine people at The London Sound Survey whose work in collecting “sound recordings of places, events and wildlife in the capital” is worthy of significant attention and much much praise. Ever since stumbling across their website I’ve spent a deal of time digging down into the archives and they are an absolute delight.

The world of field recordings is still largely new to me but it does appear a hugely interesting and entertaining world which I’m happy to investigate into much further. And thanks in turn to the people at The London Sound Survey (for clarification they’re not paying me for this) I’ve also been introduced to Framework Radio – a radio show dedicated to the world of field recordings, broadcasting on a variety of stations across the globe including Resonance 104.4fm and Soundart Radio 102.5fm here in in the UK.

As an addition to their radio programmes they also produce Framework Editions, launched to help raise funds for the work that they do, and by making a donation to the cause they’ll send you the latest in the series. Sadly the most recent CD, Framework Issue #5, looks to be all but gone (unless you’re willing to make a donation of €100 or more), which is a shame because it’s really great collection of location recordings from the respective Tape Recording Club’s of Derby and Leicester.

However if, as unlikely as it sounds, €100 is a bit steep for a CD that includes such tracks as ‘Interview with owner of amphibious car’, then help is at hand. Mark Vernon, the inordinately lucky man who found a “a hoard of old reel-to-reel audio tapes in a car boot sale in Derby” still hosts a programme he put together on The Derby Tape Recording Club for Radio 4 on his website, as well as others on The Leicester Tape Recording Club and The Nottingham Tape Recording Club – all of which are well worth a listen.

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