First Class Male


A while ago I bought a copy of ‘The Englishman Who Posted Himself And Other Curious Objects’ by John Tingey. I can’t recall quite why I bought it – I’m assuming it was recommended to me by someone, so if it was you (a) forgive me for not being able to recall your recommendation and (b) thank you.

[UPDATE : I’ve now recalled who recommended the book to me – it was @acejet170 and here’s his original blogpost.]

The Englishman in question was Mr W. Reginald Bray a Victorian prankster who after studying the Post Office Guide of it’s time, decided to test the rules and regulations of said guide by posting a variety of oddities across the country.

Oddities including his pet dog and eventually himself.

The book, which is beautifully put together, has been sat on the shelf since I read it. However I’ve dusted it down for another look on the back of listening to an excellent podcast from David Bramwell via the equally fine British Postal Museum & Archive.

The podcast, which you can listen to over here, is enormously entertaining and covers a good deal of background to the estimable Mr Bray and his influence on later protagonists of postal mischief including the somewhat unlikely, in many senses, Genesis P Orridge.

Anyway that’s more than enough from me today as I need to catch the post office before it closes – after all I have a flip-flop to mail.

6 Responses to “First Class Male”

  1. Fascinating stuff, indeed! Thanks for posting and raising my awareness of this book. Plus, an extra big commendation for the alliterative phrase, ‘protagonists of postal mischief’. Nice. Regards, Paul

  2. Interesting! Thanks for sharing! I’ll link back to this in my post today.

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