The Art Of Noise


If like me you’ve missed listening to the dulcet tones of Charlotte Green over on BBC Radio 4 there was a chance to hear her make a fleeting return in the first “audio intervention” last Monday as part of the short Open Air series – featuring a number of three minute pieces, or as they’d prefer “interventions”, from artists commissioned by London-based arts organisation Artangel.

I particularly enjoyed the effort from Christian Marclay however having dipped briefly into the lower half of the internet it seems not everyone agrees with me: “Art should be stimulating and make you want to know more – this mornings input was just noise. I thought it was another glitch at the new BBC studios, sad to find out you actually commissioned it.”

I’ve collected the five pieces below and if you’re interested John O’Mahony has written more about them and the work of sound artists generally in The Guardian over here.

Christian Marclay :

Ruth Ewan :

Peter Strickland :

Susan Hiller :

Mark Wallinger :

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