2013: A Space Odyssey


A first birthday is always something worth celebrating.

In Septemer 2010 I wrote about the possible demise of our local Arts Centre:

“The council have all but closed the Guildhall of St George, (other than for external hire – and despite, rather perversely, continuing with repairs to the roof costing around £200,000), so a decision to do the same with the gallery spaces at the Arts Centre would be an unsurprising albeit depressing decision.

So if you’re local to me I recommend you a) visit the King’s Lynn Arts Centre as often as you can whilst it’s still in it’s current state and b) write to your local Councillor expressing your concern around the suggestion of downgrading the provision of support to the arts in West Norfolk, because quite frankly when it’s gone it’s gone.”

Eighteen months later later the news was a deal better:

“Thankfully I no longer need to recommend you write to your local Councillor, (although free to give them a hard time about something), however even though the threat of its closure has passed you really should visit as often as you can because the culture in King’s Lynn does need reinvigorating, (in fact probably just vigorating), and as such the fine people involved at the Arts Centre need your support more than ever.”

And now, well now the news is even better still, with the King’s Lynn Arts Centre Trust celebrating its first birthday in style with ‘Star Wars and Me‘ – an exhibition of toys, posters and associated merchandise connected with those first three Star Wars films, (don’t write in and tell me I’m getting the phraseology all wrong with this – I know I probably am but such is the nature of these things eh), and the world of science-fiction surrounding it.

The exhibition is in essence the personal collection of artist Joe Robinson and although mainly centered around the work of a certain Mr George Lucas it does stretch further into the genre with some tremendous film posters from the 1970s – highlights including those advertising Futureworld, Zardoz, The Land That Time Forgot and 2001: A Space Odyssey – which said Mr Lucas describes on the poster as “the ultimate science fiction movie”.

So if you’re a fan of science fiction, or to be honest not much of a fan like myself, get along to the King’s Lynn Arts Centre for this hugely colourful and fun exhibition and help them off to a successful start to their second year.

[In association with the exhibition the Arts Centre are also screening some classic films from the genre over the next few months including Them!, Forbidden Planet, Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D., Starcrash, At The Earth’s Core and Galaxy Quest. And they’re also running a number of workshops for people considerably younger than me, (lucky blighters), on making “mosters, planets, robots and spaceships“, learning about the use of “stop motion animation and green screens“, making “alien masks, head-dresses and light sabres“,  desigining your own sci-fi movie poster and you can even “compose and record your own space soundscape“. Not bad eh ?]

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