I Am The View-Master!


I don’t remember the View-Master ever making an appearance on any of those ‘100 Greatest Toys’ programmes that seem to do the rounds when money (and ideas) are lacking, which is a shame because I was much taken with it as a child and I have to say I’m probably equally as entranced now that I’m an adult.

View-Master was the trademarked name of the most popular of all the many stereoscopes made available and was introdueced by Kodachrome in the 1930s. And although a system in which small three-dimensional colour photographs can be seen via a rudimentary viewer doesn’t sound like a winning combination it really is.

And the reason why I’m talking stereo colour picture viewing is because I’ve managed to  pick up a tremendous batch of View-Master slides from a local charity shop.

So whilst you been watching cutting edge dramas on your state of the art plasma screens I’ve been reacquainting myself with a number of children’s TV shows from the 1960s, visiting a variety of European capitals and perhaps more incongruously sat in the front row of the wedding of Prince Rainer and Grace Kelly.

And all in full colour and three dimensions to boot.

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