New Born Penguins



The London trip brought fresh opportunities to add to the Penguin collection, although this time new examples rather than those with a previous life elsewhere. The first, ‘Roy Lichtenstein – How Modern Art Was Saved By Donald Duck’ by Alastair Sooke, I found on our visit to the Tate Modern, (presumably in advance of the Lichtenstein exhibition due to open days later). The second I got at a book shop I can no longer recall, ‘Books v. cigarettes’ by George Orwell from Penguin’s Great Ideas range, with a brilliant cover designed by David Pearson, (I’ve been after this for a while and this was the first time I’d seen it out in the wild). The third addition was ‘A Good Parcel of English Soil’ by Richard Mabey, which is part of a series celebrating 150 years of the London Underground, (with this book representing The Metropolitan Line), and was bought at the London Transport Museum. And the last was another book with a cover design from David Pearson, the redesigned ‘1984’ by George Orwell, which to be honest was sat waiting for me upon my arrival home, I’d ordered in in a while ago rather than wait for an opportunity to find one physically because I was so taken by the new artwork.

I did also, perhaps unsurprisingly, pick up a couple of older Penguins on the trip including the wonderfully titled volume below. It came with its own bookmark, a letter from C B Savage Esq dated 25th August 1938 – which for someone who’s recently joined The Ephemera Society was almost as rewarding as buying the book it came with.

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