Vive La Différence


A few days in Paris and boy it’s quite a city, to be honest I’ve no idea where to start.

As a hick from the sticks it’s perhaps not hugely surprising to feel a little bewildered when visiting a city as significant in size and standing as La Ville-Lumière. From the point we arrived until the moment we left there wasn’t really a chance to take stock, there’s just such an abundance of everything, whether it be people, museums, galleries, architecture or the near apocalyptical traffic.

Highlights of the visit included our time at the Musée du Louvre, a spectacular frighteningly ornate building full of art of enormous significance and with over thirty thousand exhibits I mean full. Our trip up the Eiffel Tower, which Mrs Weir managed to persuade me to reluctantly ascend, which was more than worth the fear experienced. And finally just having the opportunity to get a taste of the city.

We didn’t have any great plan when we arrived in Paris and as a result we did an awful lot of walking – partly because it gave us the opportunity to get a better sense of the place as a whole, and to be honest there’s nothing more enjoyable than walking through a city you don’t know to suddenly come across something as significant as Alexandre Gustave Eiffel’s homage to Blackpool’s famous Tower*, (which rather oddly hides from view until you’re almost upon it).

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves to the city, and dusted down the little French we learnt at school, I’m sure we’ll try and go back sooner than later because I don’t think however often we visit we’d ever run out of things to do and see.

However in the mean time I think it’s best if I go and have a lie down.

* yes I do know.

ps. I tend to forget to take audio recordings when I go away however this time I remembered, so here’s a couple provided for your edification and listening pleasure.

4 Responses to “Vive La Différence”

  1. Excellent gallery of Paris.

  2. like the sign where the ‘guy’ tries to take away the no entry inside the sign.

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