Show Me Magic


As I get older my ability to deal physically with the darker seasons diminishes, (depsite my inherent love of all things autumnal), and this year the incoming gloom seems to have embraced me even prior to the clocks returning to their post summer time positioning.

So I’m deeply thankful to the number of people who have been putting in the hours updating their respective blogs in an effort to jumpstart my interest in all that surrounds me, although to clarify I should probably point out that they may not have been doing this just for me.

So step forward Jane at Maraid Design who’s been reminiscing about her holiday in Brittany via a variety of hand painted maps, John at Dirty Modern Scoundrel who has been embracing his diabetes via wallpaper designed for the Festival of Britain, Richard at AceJet170 who seems to have a reassuringly unhealthy interest in ‘dead men’s stuff’ and Nick at Asbury & Asbury who made my eyes hurt by encouraging me to click through to Then there’s Jane at Shelf Appeal who’s most recent post details the Sailors’ Reading Room in Southwold which depsite many visits I’m completely unaware of, Anne I Like who’s blogging again through tumblr, and of course Joe Moran whose blog never fails to interest me with his latest post on ‘Meg and Mog and the M4’ being a particular case in point.

Keep up the good work folks and if any of the names above are new to you then I’d suggest you do something about that.

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