Another Word From Our Sponsors


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Another batch of Penguin books has been purchased over the last few weeks, again featuring some great advertisements showing a very distinct vintage. First up is a lovely one from the people at Horlicks in which the picture below sits above the following text (which I’ve reproduced because the page in question is showing its age):

“When you find Horlicks difficult to get, please remember that many have special need of it : In the emergency rations issued to soldiers, sailors and airmen, Horlicks is an essential item. It was specially chosen for this purpose because it its exceptionally nourishing and sustaining. The makers of Horlicks are proud that it has helped save innumerable lives on land and sea.

Large quantitites of Horlicks are also required for hospitals, vital war factories, and the mines. This is why there are only limited quantities of Horlicks in the shops. So, when you find Horlicks difficult to get please remember that many have a special need of it. And make Horlicks by mixing it with water only. The milk is already in it.”

And then we have another from Mars which confirms disappointingly that due to zoning restrictions it is restricted to the Southern Counties. I wonder whether anyone was specifically hoping for a “quick victory” just so that Mars would be available for all ?

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