Pedaler En Grand Braquet


I think it was Mr Charlie Watts of The Rolling Stones who on the band’s 25th anniversary summed up their career as having been “five years of playing and twenty years of waiting around”. Were he a fan of cycling road races I think he would have considered his time in the Stones well spent because the ratio for spectators of said events have the deal skewed far far less favourably – blink and you quite literally miss the action.

Thankfully I managed to stay reasonably alert waiting for the riders to appear although as you can see my photography skills haven’t improved a great deal since I saw the race last back in 2010. However given that it’s not often the winner of the Tour de France graces the Tour of Britain with his presence I think it’s safe to say the wait was more than worth it.

[UPDATE : Whilst we were waiting for the Tour to ride on through, we came across @The_Old_Penfold with his Zero Image 6×9 Multi-Format pinhole camera who took this rather lovely photo which, if you look carefully, I appear in.]

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