Always Judge A Book By Its Cover


I don’t buy nearly enough music nowadays – partly because the only record shop in my local town is the painfully soulless HMV, and partly because digital ‘ownership’ seems to largely negate the need for physical ownership.

So it’s great to find that there are people out there producing some beautifully put together together records which are a delight to actually own, and although Her Majesty’s Royal Mail seemed less than keen in delivering me Darren Hayman‘s new LP Lido, they did in the end manage it – and boy it was worth the wait.

Released by Clay Pipe Music, a record label run by the illustrator Frances Castle, the record, (CD actually but you get my drift *), comes in an exquisitely handprinted card sleeve, (with illustrations by said Frances Castle), with a booklet of illustrations, of the various lido’s referenced on the record, by Mr Hayman – a man it seems with more than his fare share of talent.

And what of the music ? Well thankfully that doesn’t disappoint either. It’s a beautifully lazy, (in the best sense of the word), instrumental record. Largely acoustic with some electronic elements – including the appearance of a stylophone on Stonehaven, all set against a collection of field recordings which fade in and out across the record.

I can’t recommend it enough.

* Lido is also available on vinyl, dark blue vinyl at that.

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