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I’ve written about the mighty Magoo here at digyourfins many times before, although as an aside have never mentioned that the title of this very blog comes from an early unrecorded demo penned by Norfolk’s favourite sonic scientists, (at least I’m pretty sure it does – my memory serves me less and less well as the days pass).

So given that this is where you no doubt come for all your Magoo based news it would be remiss of me not to mention that today sees the release of their latest album, The Continuing Adventures Of Magoo.

TCAOM is the band’s fifth, sixth or possibly seventh album, depending on a variety of criteria and I think, and yes I may be considered a little biased, it sees them on very good form indeed. Possibly because the band finds itself with it’s most stable line up in years or maybe because of a more thematically cohesive track choice, whichever the album seems way more more foccussed than most of their previous efforts and has a far greater urgency than ever clocking in at just over half an hour.

So if you’d like to hear the new album from “the nearest thing Britain has to the labyrinthine, mutant DIY thinking behind The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and Guided By Voices” then here would be a very good place to start.

2 Responses to “Meanwhile . . .”

  1. 1 hodge

    Hello DW,

    The dig your fins comes from mr Frank Zappa’s album Mothers – live at the Fillmore East (

    The direct quote being:

    Oh! I love them! They’re my favorite band!.. ow gawd.. oh, do you
    like my new car? I’m ah.. my Dad just gave it to me for graduation..

    Ah yeaah?!! I’ts a … it’s a Fillmore, isn’t it? Real futuristic,
    ah.. I dig the fins… listen: do you know how to get to the ah
    Hollywood Inn from here?

    • 2 danielweiresq

      Ah and what do we have here ?

      Correspondence from one fifth of Magoo confirming (with great detail) my thoughts regarding the derivation of ‘digyourfins’.

      So many thanks to Mr Hodge who easily makes my top five list of Magoo bass players 😉

      DW x

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