More Thinking, More Tea : [updated]


A while ago, (see above), I got the chance to see some great photographs by Sam Mellish over at the Babylon Gallery in Ely which celebrated “observations of traditional roadside services throughout East Anglia”. I really enjoyed the exhibition so am glad to have stumbled across news that he’s back at the Babylon Gallery from today until Sunday with a new (albeit associated) exhibition and book, Roadside Britain.

Continuing where the previous exhibition left off, Roadside Britain documents, “four years spent venturing along the UK’s many trunk roads in search of the traditional and quintessential aspects of British roadside culture, and a good cup of tea”. That of course should be enough to stir your interest, however if you need additional encouragemant to investigate further the fact that Joe Moran contributes a preface to the project should be enough.

If you don’t get the chance to visit the Bablylon Gallery in Ely this week the exhibition travels the country over the next few months stopping at The Print Space in London, Bank Street Arts in Sheffield, Exeter Pheonix in err Exeter and finally the Pheonix Photo Fringe in Brighton.

And of course if none of those locations are available to you, you can order the book from here and bring the exhibition home to you.

Just a quick update to say I went along as above, loved the exhibition and bought the book, (after helping the slightly baffled gallery attendant work the PDQ machine, “Now I’m probably going to charge you 20p or £200 . . . ”).

In the book Joe Moran’s introduction talks of Sam continuing in the tradition of Paul Graham’s 1982 A1 : The Great North Road, a book which was further reprised by Jon Nicholson in 2004 in A1 : Portrait of a Road. As it happens I already own a copy of Jon Nicholson’s book however given the prices of the Paul Graham I fear it may remain alone in representing Britain’s longest numbered road here at Weir HQ.

If like me the price of Paul Graham’s book is a little out of your price range, (mental note – investing in photobooks appears to be more lucrative than I would have imagined), there’s a great selection of photos from it over on his website here.

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