“Are We There Yet ?”


I fear that on long car journeys I drive Mrs Weir to distraction, I think it’s a combination of claustrophobia and attention deficit disorder, mine not hers.

So for the good of the lady of the house I recently purchased a copy ‘Are We There Yet ? Great Car Games to Keep Families Sane!’ by Jo Pink. Tomorrow we drive from the East coast to the West and below are just four of the car games that will help us arrive at our destination harmoniously.

4 Responses to ““Are We There Yet ?””

  1. I also a dreadful passenger, my Dad when we were young on journeys used to make us pretend that we were WWI fighter pilots, if the car in front was indicating it meant it was firing at us. If it’s lights went red it meant we had shot it down. Not so good when you’re 35 and wriggling around in the passenger seat trying to avoid a hail of bullets from some Fokker in front of you!

    • I am also low quality passenger (and easily bored) so will add this to suggested car games when we next embark on a longer journey !

      And btw thanks for stopping by . . .

      DW x

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