Penguins On Parade


I picked up a copy of the Penguin Guide for Kent, Sussex & Surrey whilst digging around the charity shops of Cambridge recently. It’s a revised edition printed in 1947, originally published in 1939, which aims “to draw the attention of readers to some of the chief features of interest and beauty in the district it describes”.

Not being terribly au fait with the features of interest and beauty in the counties of Kent, Sussex and Surrey I can’t actually vouch for its veracity but I can confirm that it’s a pleasingly crafted book with some lovely penguin based illustrations that end each chapter. Being a casual collector of PenguinsPelicans and Puffins I can’t think of any other examples of this type of use of the Penguin logo within a book, although I’m not an expert. Though having checked through Phil Baines excellent book Penguin By Design, he is an expert, the only other twist on a logo he refers to is on the cover of the Penguin Handbook – The Game of Chess, which I coincidentally picked up a couple of weeks ago.


Update |a| : The previously mentioned expert Mr Baines was kind enough to respond via twitter, as below, and reminded me of the First Aid Handbook which I actually already own and does indeed have a great cover. I do also vaguely recollect the adverts he mentions, which I’ll have to investigate further. And perhaps most importantly I should of course invest in his sister book Puffin By Design just as soon as I’ve put up some further shelves . . .

Update |b| : Whilst I’m on the Penguin trail it would be remiss of me not to point you in the direction of Ace Jet 170, who is another collector and one who photographs his collection beautifully. His blog, which features all kind of loveliness is over here and his collections of Penguins and Pelicans here. All highly recommended to you.

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