“I Was A Teenage Stamp Collector”*


Yesterday I was lightly, (and rightly), chastised for blaming the weather for the shortly to be imposed water restrictions – it seems that Anglia Water have helped the situation a little by losing around 230 million litres of water per day last year, just under 20 per cent of its total. Still at least they haven’t raised prices and increased profits on the back of such superlative efforts eh ?

Anyway stamps have been getting a bad press over the last few days due to Royal Mail’s desire to price themselves out of the market so I thought I’d weigh in in their defence. Their latest set is a homage to British comics, from in the main the DC Thomson stable, and they’re great – what’s even better is that the presentation pack that I’ve got sat in front of me comes with a miniature reproduction of twelve pages from the first ever edition of The Dandy in 1937. So don’t blame the stamps blame the Royal Mail.

And just to clarify that’s 230 million litres per day.


* I wasn’t but it’s a good excuse to link to this

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