Hit The North : pt 4/7



After a day far from the madding crowd it seemed appropriate to reacquaint ourselves with concrete and car parks – both of which I’m rather fond of and both of which are freely available in the city of Newcastle.

I wandered over to the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art initially and was disappointed by the lack of art, (never understand how places as big as the Baltic can host so few things to see), although did pick up a copy of the George Shaw catalogue from his recent The Sly and Unseen Day exhibition – which is worth digging out for the interview with Gordon Burn alone.

Having attempted to throw myself down the stairs at the Baltic, (unintentionally), I returned circuitously to the city centre less quickly than I had left it, to skulk about in one of my favourite parts of the city – namely Grainger Market – yes I know I’m glamour through and through eh ?

Built by architect John Dobson and builder Richard Grainger, (who developed a large part of the city centre – hence Grainger Town), it’s a wonderfully vibrant yet wholly ordinary place the like of which so few towns and cities seem to have anymore – it even has the world’s smallest Marks and Spencer store which I missed this time thus perhaps proving the point.

[For those who’ve asked I haven’t abandoned taking photographs with a camera rather than a telephone it’s just that I’ve managed to scratch the lens of my trusty Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ6 and am attempting to replace it with limited success.]

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