All The Fun Of The Fair


BLOG - HH Overton

It’s not often that comments on this blog feature members of Westlife on drunken escapades, so a recent comment from Harry Overton was most welcome.

Harry was actually commenting on a picture, (as above), featured in a post about the delights of my home town, King’s Lynn. He obviously knows his stuff so rather than allow his comments to languish in the dim and distant past I thought I’d bring them up front and centre.

“The picture above is actually a Galloper horse and not a Carousel horse – Frederick Savage who invented Gallopers actually loathed the term Carousel as Gallopers, (the British examples), go clockwise whereas the European saloons and US Carousels travel anti-clockwise and the latter were copies of his invention that cost Savage large parts of a world market he previously dominated.

I actually know this horse very well and almost everybody thinks it’s a Savage, but sadly it is not. This horse is a replacement outer double seater in an Orton & Spooner style. It is not made by Savages, Lines Bros, Arthur Anderson or Orton & Spooner but by Modern Products of Lindsey (Lincs) and is hollow fibreglass, made in the early 1960s. It’s not at the Hotel anymore because they binned it after [redacted on advice from our lawyers], a tad tipsy sat on it a few years back during the Festival and cracked the cannons, (shins), and the neck.

It was fully restored by us – Harry’s of Kings Lynn – pinned, repaired and fully decorated in more suitable colours and had that veiny eye toned down all for a private collector. We also replaced it’s former rope tail with a new hair tail. I have some pictures before and after on please take a look. All the best Harry”

So if you’ve a moment go and have a look at some of Harry’s work it looks great. Of course if you’re feeling really keen you can join me in making a special effort to go and seek out some in person as the King’s Lynn Mart is just about to roll into town.

BLOG - HH Overton

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