“It’s Amazing What Soup Can Do !”*


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Well they’ve done it, the evil empire has reduced my favourite local building to just so much rubble.

I suppose it was only a matter of time before it happened.

When I wrote about the joys of my home town back at the start of 2010 its future was looking bleak – and unfortunately that wasn’t the low point. The local Civic Society tried to get the building listed but because those at English Heritage deemed it of no “special architectural or historic interest” that never happened – and that’s with their head honcho Dr Simon Thurley living less than a mile away.

So we’ll no longer be greeted by the tower upon our return home from travels afar but at least we’ll get a much much bigger supermarket in return – which is great eh ?

[UPDATE] Forgot about the mention of the tower in Peter Ashley’s excellent Cross Country, (which I’ve written about over here) : “On the coastbound busy bypass, you can see on the left a brick tower built as a cooling tank for the Campbell’s Soup Factory (prop. A Warhol), I don’t know how long it will be here; Tesco’s want to demolish it and the factory to extend the display area for oven chips.”

Visit Campbell’s Tower at Nothing To See Here
Visit ‘To Make The Best’ at the UEA Film Archive
Visit Campbell’s Tower Flickr set
Visit UK’s Unsung Landmarks at the BBC

* Campbell’s slightly odd advertising tagline.

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