Wet Weather Gear


For any of you who’ve investigated the various destinations over on the right – you may or may not have visited my What’s For Tea Mother ? tumblr where I occasionally post examples from a set of recipe cards that I picked up at a local charity shop – they’re well worth a look although if you’re looking for culinary inspiration I’d perhaps venture somewhere a little less alarming.

The reason that I’m telling you this is that the fine people at Anorak magazine have decided to produce something similar for grown-ups, (Anorak is for kids), called Cagoule. And in the first issue they’ve run a piece on bad food featuring some of the particularly gruesome recipes that appear on What’s For Tea Mother ?

Issue one of Cagoule was waiting for me on our return from the Peak District so I’ve only had the chance to give it a cursory glance but it looks great. The people at magculture.com have had the time to give it a more thorough look and have given it a rave review over here – “a joy from start to finish”. So unless you have an unfeasibly hip newsagent I’d suggest you wander over to the Present Joys website and buy a copy from them direct – if you’re lucky you might find, like me, this rather fine card included  . . .

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