“What I Did On My Holiday” rtd. : Day #06


Well the weather hasn’t been any better than it was yesterday – in fact it’s been worse, however we did manage to nip out before the elements really set in for the day. The forecast is for snow in the morning so it maybe that the “What I Did On My Holiday” reports may continue for longer than was originally intended.

So given that it was supposedly our last day in the Peak District we drove over to the Ladybower Reservoir to celebrate  Mr John Shuttleworth, (if he’s reading this the level seemed a little low but the heavy rainfall should resolve that sooner than later), nipped over to the David Mellor Visitor Centre to pay homage to the designer of the UK’s traffic lights, (although he’s proabably more famous for his hideously expensive cutlery), and then to Bakewell to purchase puddings, (which were frankly quite odd).

Then slowly back to Edale through rain of a quite spectacular nature, because after all it’s grim up north.

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