“And in swam my dog.”



Having only been out of the county for a few hours I suppose it’s a little perverse that the first piece of reading I do on our travels into the deepest darkest recess of the Peak District is about Norfolk. To be fair the piece of writing in question is particularly good and has only just come into my possession.

Peter Ashley’s ‘Cross Country (English Buildings and Landscape From Countryside to Coast)‘ has been on my ever increasing ‘to read’ list since it was published earlier this year and thanks to the celebrations associated with the marking of time I now own a copy.

I haven’t actually had the chance to read a great deal of the book yet however if the rest of it is as good as the chapter on North Norfolk, which I skipped ahead to, then I’m in for a treat.


“Only just down the road, across the River Glaven, is Cley next the Sea. I find this little lost town somehow incredibly sad, as if a wraith had slowly come out of the sea on a mooonlit night and stolen all it’s babies. My melancholia is perhaps not helped by my once being shown a room in a local hotel, attached to a very imaginative price tag, the westering sun illuminating what appeared to be someone in the other single bed, humped in true MR James ghost-story fashion.”

Having lived in Norfolk for almost all of my adult life Peter’s writing makes me want to rush back to explore and embrace the county more firmly than ever. As I’ve mentioned before now George Borrow, English novelist and travel writer, (who was incidentally born in Norfolk), once wrote, “There are no countries in the world less known by the British than these self same British Islands”.

Thankfully with ‘Cross Country’ these “self same British Islands” are now, at least in this neck of the woods, are becoming a little better known.


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