“Ink On Newsprint”


Newspaper Club

I managed to miss the recent Kenneth Grange exhibition at the Design Museum which was remiss of me. I blame the fact that the museum is South of the river and therefore less obviously available to me whenever I leave the confines of the county to visit our capital city.

Thankfully there have been an abundance of excellent write ups of the exhibition and it’s meant that I’ve invested in a copy of, Kenneth Grange : Making Britain Modern, a book which lovingly documents the vast number of post war projects he’s been involved with.

In addition to this I’ve also been lucky enough to get hold of a copy of an excellent student ‘deconstruction’ of the exhibition, (produced by Miro Stokinger & Mateusz Klicz), which was lovingly reproduced via the services provided by the Newspaper Club, who I’ve written about here some time ago.

As it happens my copy of the Kenneth Grange newspaper arrived on the same day that the Newspaper Club announced that they’d printed their one millionth newspaper – so congratulations. I love what the Newspaper Club have achieved in such a short amount of time and wish them all the succes as they move, no doubt more quickly than ever, towards the next million.

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