“It’s Clean, It’s Fresh”



This is a tremendous book.

Detailing the work produced by Sainsbury’s in-house packaging design team of the 60s and 70s, Own Brand, features a whole host of wonderfully simple, imaginative and colourful work which puts most modern design to shame.

FUEL Design and Publishing, (who published this book, which seems to ‘authored’ by the esteemed Jonny Trunk – in collaboration with the Sainsbury family and The Sainsbury Archive), have also produced this neat little film to promote it.

The book’s not actually out until the middle of November but FUEL do have a limited number of pre-release copies available now – I’d suggest you buy one today.

One Response to ““It’s Clean, It’s Fresh””

  1. 1 Cathy

    Oh this is *right* up my odd little alley – I still have a scrapbook somewhere with Sainsbury’s labels from the early 80’s in!

    Oh dear…

    Off to put that on my wishlist!

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