Soup Of The Day


Seems the writing is on the wall for one of my favourite local buildings, namely the Campbell’s Tower.

Since the closure of the factory in 2007 there have been a variety of efforts to protect the tower given it’s iconic status locally – in the flatlands of West Norfolk you can see it for miles around. However despite the best efforts of the King’s Lynn Civic Society English Heritage stated that the tower had no “special architectural or historic interest” and thus chose not to give a listed status. Fools.

So to accommodate the evil empire that is Tesco expanding one of it’s larger supermarkets into a slightly larger supermarket still it’s going to have to come down. In fact the demolition of the surrounding factory structure has already started.

Tesco’s response ? Well it seems they’re now trying to placate unhappy locals by stating that they’ve “not ruled out the possibility of accepting offers for any of the tower’s four large “Campbell’s” signs”.

And just to clarify that’s “accepting offers”, from a company that’s just posted half yearly profits of £1.9 bilion. Generous to a fault I’d say.


[The pictures above are from artists impressions of the Campbell’s soup factory circa 1957, and can be seen at the King’s Lynn Museum.]

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